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Randomness as a ReSource

From September 29th to Oktober 2nd RIXC Art-Science-Conference „Open Fields“ took place in Riga. I gave a talk about my version of using Monte-Carlo-Method as a tool for landscape-observation on the basis of data captured by a Geiger-counter.„Randomness as a ReSource“ is part of my PhD-thesis to document and explore the impacts of Uranium mining by Soviet nuclear industry in East-Germany. Radioactive decay, usually known to cause mutagenous and cancerogenous processes – here is used to generate purely random locations, times and durations – patterns for the landscape-observations, that I perform. The application was created in collaboration and by Quantum physicist Dr. Stefanos Kourtis.

Regine Debatty featured my Geiger counter on instagram:


And Raphael Kim put some photos of the talk on twitter:

Grit Ruhland presenting Randomness as reSource @rixcriga

— Raph Kim (@kim_raphael) October 1, 2016

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung des IPID4all-Projektes der Bauhaus-Universität Weimar